How to provide great Guest WiFi experience

Nico Sassenberg – 06/01/2022

Providing free Guest WiFi is no longer a nice-to-have option in the retail and hospitality space. More and more clients are choosing their dining and accommodations based on the availability of free/complimentary Guest WiFi. Also, it can’t just work, it must be fast, secure, and reliable.

So, how do you provide a great experience?

Design and plan for the environment

Different environments will have different requirements, and budgets. For example, a restaurant or hotel lobby would require a wireless access point(s) that can serve a very large number of WiFi client devices simultaneously, while a single bed hotel room may be fine with a lower specification access point. Click Networks has designed/upgraded many WiFi networks. We are well versed in current WiFi technologies, and we pride ourselves in delivering great value!

Hardware and Installation

While we can integrate a guest WiFi system on any enterprise wireless hardware, a mix of different vendor hardware, wireless repeaters and access points is not recommended.

Managing a large wireless network with multiple access points requires a controller-based system. This allows clients to move around freely without having to reconnect to different networks and provides a great management and alerting platform so that you know when there is a problem.

I believe building out a solid WiFi network is a great long term Infrastructure investment! More and more camera, security and IoT smart systems are integrating with wireless.

Hotspot Management software

A good Hotspot Management software provides some great benefits to your network. We believe this is critical to ensure you secure your own network and your client’s device(s).

Access rules, like free time or data allocations, speed limits and group rules ensure that everyone gets a fair share and a great experience.

Create your own branded Captive portal WiFi hotspot login page, it looks good and keeps your brand top of mind!

Our ClickSPOT product covers all the basics and more. Best of all your clients register to use the WiFi, you can re-market to them, or send a survey to get feedback on your service.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know more about how you could improve your WiFi Network, or if you want to know more about out ClickSPOT Hotspot management system.

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